Learn-at-your-own pace online course + online community

 Ditch your tech frustration and make your Apple products work for you so you can reclaim your time, create ease, and empower yourself!


What would it feel like to tap into undeniable independence… all through the power of your tech?

To trade your frustration, dependency, and overwhelm for an organized system that was designed to support parts of the multidimensional business owner you are? 

You’ve tried the Google searches, the genius bar, and own an obscene number of “tech-for-dummies” books, but now you’re craving the lasting solution that puts the power back in your hands. Or maybe… your tech intimidation is so huge that you’re scared to touch it at all!

When it comes to the non-negotiables in your life– your work, your family, your finances, your creativity, and your time – you need to trust that your technology will work for you, no matter what.

My friend, I hear you, I see you, and I want you to know you don’t have to continue to feel shackled by those trying *and totally unpredictable* tech gods!


You can create a simple path to decluttering and connecting ALL of your digital products, so they work the way they’re supposed to, every time!


This intimate business and life-changing experience is designed for leaders who want to make a bigger impact but need their tech to properly in order to realize their full potential.

“Effortless Digital Organization” is the intersection of hands-on technical training, step-by-step guides, and a supportive community that is essential for curating digital organization that works now and for years to come.

Get ready for simplification, inspired collaboration, and the hard-to-articulate magic that sparks when like-minded people take radical ownership of their technology.

Do any (or all) of these sound like you?

You feel trapped or stuck.

You have incredible technology at your fingertips… the only problem is you have no idea how to use it. You feel frustrated and limited but don’t know a way out. You need guidance, support, and encouragement from a trusted advisor with outside expertise and a proven track record.

You feel disorganized and scattered.

Your email is on one device. Your calendar is on another. And somehow your files never seem to be where you think they are, when you need them most. You’re craving a system that works every time, so you can stop searching and start simplifying.

You feel so far out of the loop.

You have questions like, “What the heck is the Cloud, and how on earth am I supposed to use it?!” You feel like you need a glossary of "Mac terminology” every time you open your devices and are seeking an expert who can remove the question marks and provide easy-to-understand solutions.

You feel stressed at the most inopportune moments

Just when you need to make a video you find out that you are totally out of space on your iPhone (UGH!). You’ve wasted far too much time trying to figure out how to free up space on your iPhone, Mac or iCloud.

You’re struggling on your own.

You’re well aware that being a tech-wiz isn’t always easy. Which is why you’re craving the support of a mentor who genuinely cares about you – those Apple “geniuses” and tech support agents simply aren’t cutting it!

If that’s you, I want you to consider this webpage your personal invitation to embrace tech freedom!

Effortless Digital Organization was made for you!

I Want You to Take a Moment and Imagine….

Feeling secure because you know how your data is backed up and easily accessible.

No more worrying that you’ll run out of storage, accidentally “break” something, or lose your hard work – or even worse, your precious memories. Once I help you create your own “Mac Made Simple” digital ecosystem, you can rest assured that your most important information is safely stored, exactly where it best serves you. 

Always being in sync.

Whether you’re operating on your iPhone, your iPad, or your Macbook Pro, you can easily access the exact file you want, whenever you want it. It’s time to stop fighting with complex file sharing (with yourself) and wasted time searching. Your tech should work for you, and not the other way around!

Having an insanely organized photo library, email inbox, and calendar.

You’ve decluttered your messiest, and most important applications, without deleting or sacrificing the content you really love! You’ve taken back control of your tech library and now you’re able to store more, search more easily, and work more efficiently.

Feeling equipped and empowered at any moment.

You know you have all the tools, power, and resources at your fingertips, whenever you need them.  And on days when your tech goes haywire, you know you’ll be able to solve problems – fast!

Being able to tap into your next level of success.

Since your digital organization system is now firing on all cylinders, you’re free to operate with even more creativity, efficiency, focus, and flow.


Now that your Apple Ecosystem (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Apple computers) has been set up to support your unique life, you consistently save yourself from hours of trial and error, overwhelm, and frustration so you’re freed to do the things that light you up, save more time and make more money.

Whether you’re resonating with these sentiments for the 1st time or the 100th time, I want you to know that you can have all of this (and more) whenever you’re a beginner user or an established professional who needs to get things done faster!

Learn-at-your-own pace online course + online community

 Ditch your tech frustration and make your Apple products work for you so you can reclaim your time, create ease, and empower yourself!

The beauty of Effortless Digital Organization is it provides support at every level, both at your own pace and during LIVE office hours.


Inside this hybrid pre-recorded and LIVE experience, you’ll create a simple path to decluttering and connecting your Apple products. You’ll receive exclusive access to hours of video content, a resource library with tips and support, AND bi-monthly office hours to ask your questions in real time. Not only will you tackle the immediate needs of your Mac, but you’ll also have a go-to resource for your Mac concerns when unexpected questions arise.


This Program is Grounded in 2 Pillars of Support:

At-Your-Own-Pace Online Course

(1 Year Access)

Bite-sized lessons empower you to easily use the tools you already own. View and review when it works best with your schedule, or when your tech requires it!

At-Your-Own-Pace Online Course
(8 Week Access)

You’ll get access to two group Q&A sessions with me, each month. During these collaborative calls, you’ll have the opportunity to get your personal tech questions answered, see how other students use the tools we’ve learned and clarify any areas of the course that needs a little more explanation.


During this course, you'll how access to the following comprehensive modules...

  • How to backup your computer reliably
  • Understanding your Apple ID and Cloud Storage
  • Email Management tools to keep your messages synced and in control
  • How to organize, prioritize, and easily find your favorite photos (even if you have thousands!)
  • Password Organization and Protection
  • How to File Your Documents in a way you’ll find them again
  • How to ensure all of your Calendars, Notes, and Contacts sync reliably
  • How to always have space available on your iPhone and Mac

Some of our past students who have benefited from learning how to organize their tech include...

Business Owners + Entrepreneurs 

C-Suite Executives

Real estate agents

Fashion Designers

Corporations with teams of 3-1,000+ 


Family champions including:

Medical Mommas + Special Needs Moms

Those caring for medically dependent parents or spouse

Those with disabilities

Anyone who is responsible for wrangling a lot of information

Hyper-busy people


Health Practitioners

Network Marketers and Social Sellers 

Those in transition 

“Technically challenged” 

Event Planners



Anyone looking for more ease, organization, and tech freedom!

Join the ranks of students who are adopting Effortless Digital Organization!

Meet the Woman Behind the Course


The non-nerdy geek.  

Natalie Boese empowers busy professionals to reduce overwhelm + save time by creating simple systems with Apple products.

She’s been a Machead since she was 11, often found reading Mac Bibles, computer manuals, and learning any and everything she could about computers. A self-proclaimed fangirl of Apple products turned expert, teacher, and consultant, Natalie is the go-to resource for all things Apple. 

Whether working with the largest investment boards in the world or guiding grandmothers in their living rooms, Natalie passionately works with her clients to help provide technical solutions to simplify systems, create greater ease, and align technology. For her, there is no job too big and no job too small. 

Natalie knows what it’s like to have to wrangle data – between being the committed mother of a son with severe special needs and navigating a long divorce — she is passionate about digital organization because she knows it’s important!

What Natalie is not, is a nerd that communicates in a language that’s intended to impress you, but clearly confuse you. She takes the time in a non-judgemental way to make you feel comfortable with your tech.

If you’re looking for technical know-how paired with a human experience that is engaging and easy to understand, Natalie is the Apple and Digital Organization Expert for you!

Whatever your tech experience (or lack thereof) you have, or what you do for work, you could be living with more organization, ease, and efficiency, and a lot more joy than you currently do!


Oohs and Ahhs

Our Clients Are Raving About Us


"I just finished a few of my sessions with Natalie and I did not know I needed her until I had her... she was really fantastic and optimizing your Apple systems and learning how to work more efficiently. I've never heard of anyone doing what she does it's so unique and so incredibly helpful, she’s brilliant with this stuff."


Amanda Malkin
Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach | Boca Raton, Florida

“Thank you Natalie with my computer issues, it was great to have you log onto my computer and get rid of those WiFi networks that kept popping up as well as just provide more information on how to move forward get organized, with the different Gmail accounts, calendars, and the other issues that I'm having right now with using multiple computers.”


Angela Tait
Founder & People Operations Strategist
Tait Consulting, LLC | Scottsdale, Arizona

No Matter Who You Are…

Whatever your tech experience (or lack thereof) you have, or what you do for work, you could be living with more organization, ease, and efficiency, and a lot more joy than you currently do!

If you’ve been overworking, frustrated, stretched too thin, quietly weathering a tech storm, and struggling for too long…
If you’ve been trying to figure out how to build a business all on your own, with no organized digital foundation to guide you…
If you’ve never been supported by like-minded female business owners who can help you reach that next level…
If you’ve thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way to use my Mac!”…

Effortless Digital Organization is exactly where you need to be.

Oohs and Ahhs

More Love From Clients I Love


"During my VIP day with Natalie, one of the things that we worked on was integrating my calendars, so I could organize both my professional and personal life and stay on track with the things that I need to do. It was really, really helpful because I have zero patience for this kind of stuff. So without Natalie's help, I definitely wouldn't have done it, and now I feel so much better and relieved and everything's organized and in one place.”


Ali Fiorella 
Certified Holistic Health Coach | New York City, New York

“I am not techie one bit and she was able to fix my Outlook/Google/iCloud calendar connections and all of these other problems I was having. I absolutely loved her, she was great to work with. She definitely did not feel defeated like I did!"

Amy Bartko
CEO of Chatterbox PR | Phoenix, Arizona

If You’re Ready to Gain

More trust in yourself, your creativity, and your tech, without needing to depend on an external guide.

New courage to show up as yourself, claim space for yourself, express your passion & let the world see the brilliant woman you’ve always been.

Tangible tools to help you navigate your Apple products whenever, wherever, forever.

Effortless Digital Organization is for you!


Learn-at-your-own pace online course + online community

 Ditch your tech frustration and make your Apple products work for you so you can reclaim your time, create ease, and empower yourself!