Digital life can seem complicated. 


It doesn’t have to be.

Digital life can seem complicated. 

It doesn’t have to be.



As a close-knit, boutique consulting firm, we treat every one of the projects we work on with the same passion as if it were our own technology.

We want to get to know the purpose, heart, and soul behind your goals so we can create the system that best supports your life.

Making your Mac work for you is more than a practice. It’s our passion.

Let us help you implement Mac systems that run effortlessly so you can save time and earn more. 

Are you ready to Master your Mac?

Meet the Founder



The non-nerdy geek. 


Natalie Boese empowers busy professionals to reduce overwhelm + save time by creating simple systems with Apple products.

She’s been a Machead since she was 11, often found reading Mac Bibles, computer manuals, and learning any and everything she could about computers. A self-proclaimed fangirl of Apple products turned expert, teacher, and consultant, Natalie is the go-to resource for all things Apple. 

Whether working with the largest investment boards in the world or guiding grandmothers in their living rooms, Natalie passionately works with her clients to help provide technical solutions to simplify systems, create greater ease, and align technology. For her, there is no job too big and no job too small. 

Natalie knows what it’s like to have to wrangle data – between being the committed mother of a son with severe special needs and navigating a long divorce — she is passionate about digital organization because she knows it’s important!

What Natalie is not, is a nerd that communicates in a language that’s intended to impress you, but clearly confuse you. She takes the time in a non-judgemental way to make you feel comfortable with your tech.

If you’re looking for technical know-how paired with a human experience that is engaging and easy to understand, Natalie is the Apple and Digital Organization Expert for you!

Whatever your tech experience (or lack thereof) you have, or what you do for work, you could be living with more organization, ease, and efficiency, and a lot more joy than you currently do!


Natalie asked relevant questions, listened carefully and then made some recommendations.  When I was ready to purchase she patiently and expertly guided me through the process to ensure that I received the very best value for the budget that I had in mind.  I appreciate her time and expertise and particularly her ability to make a daunting experience comfortable.”

Sue Field

President & CEO, Live a Legacy Life

I reached out to Natalie when considering a new Mac and iPad for myself and our daughter with special needs.

“I had the privilege of working with Natalie while rolling out new desktop and mobile solutions to 2,500 employees at an investment management firm - - our users are NOT easy!  Natalie lead the design of our white glove end-user service; helping us develop user-friendly tools and guides.   She was competent, professional, organized and overall fun to work with!”

Jane Shantz

President, Jane R. Shantz Management Consulting Inc.

How we can



Digital life can seem complicated.

It doesnโ€™t have to be.


We work with individuals in their home, for small businesses and teams in large corporations.ย 

Each of our clients will have different needs and our expertise deals with our clients to solve their needs in every day language that they can understand.ย 

Whether itโ€™s setting up a computer, syncing your devices, or organizing your systems, natmac consulting visits business and homes to help solve your problems.ย